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Read the text below entitled "Tackling Corruption for Growth 11821

Read the text below entitled "Tackling Corruption for Growth and Development" in order to answer question:Tackling Corruption for Growth and DevelopmentSource: Jan 2008 (Adapted)Corruption is a major impediment to broadbased growth and development, undermining government revenue and expenditure on the delivery of basic services such as law and justice, health care, education, and the maintenance of essential infrastructure. The World Bank Institute has estimated that more than US$1 trillion is paid in bribes each year and, over the long run, countries that tackle corruption and improve the rule of law can increase their national incomes by as much as four times. Corruption weakens institutions and makes states more vulnerable to crisis. It has the potential to undermine security in our partner countries and in the Asia-Pacific region more broadly. Security can be threatened when governments fail to deliver services, uphold law and order, maintain public confidence in institutions, or control the use of resources.Corruption can lead to 'money politics' and undermine the decisions of democratically elected governments. It can also open the way for a variety of other crimes such as money laundering and trafficking in drugs, arms, and people.In paragraph 1, tackling corruption and the increase of national incomes are described as

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