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Read the text below entitled "Another one bites the dust" in 64334

Read the text below entitled "Another one bites the dust" in order to answer question:Another one bites the dustSource: www.economist.comApr 27th, 2012 (Adapted)Less

than three months after it took office, Romania's government has

fallen. The centre-right administration lost a no-confidence vote filed

by the left-wing opposition. When the motion was originally filed few

thought the government was in danger. But in recent weeks it has been

weakened by a series of defections."Today there was justice,"

celebrated Victor Ponta, leader of the centre-left Social-Liberal Union

(USL), after securing 235 votes in favour of his motion, four more than

he needed. "We don't want any more dubious firms, no more selling under

the market price and huge bribes," he said in a five-hour long debate

that preceded the vote.Traian Basescu, the president and main

political player in Romania, proposed Mr Ponta as prime minister back in

February when the previous government, led by Emil Boc, resigned after

three weeks of street protests denouncing party cronyism, incompetence

and harsh austerity measures. Mr Ponta refused, but now he seems more

willing to step in thanks to the fair-weather politicians who have

flocked to his party from the centre-right.The International

Monetary Fund (IMF), which began an official visit to Romania earlier

this week to review the country's performance linked to a 5 billion euro

credit line it was granted last year, announced it would suspend its

mission until a new government is in place. That may not take long. But

with Romanian governments showing the longevity of mayflies, and the

European Union (EU) weary of a country that seems unable or unwilling to

make serious progress on the corruption problems that continue to

plague it five years after it was accepted into the club, it will take a

good deal longer for Romania to acquire the clout that should come

naturally to an EU country with 22m people.According to paragraph 3, Mr Ponta

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